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R/C ARF Flying Model Pterosaur Specifications

  • Wingspan: 1800mm (71")
  • Length: 1130mm (44.5")
  • Flying Weight: 560g (19.8oz)
  • R/C Functions: Traditional elevons made into wing during manufacture.  Right/left rudder effect by tail movement optional due to weight, space and wear on the tail servo during landing.
  • Requires (2) standard servos, (1) metal gear standard servo if using tail rudder


Long- tailed pterosaur that lived during the upper Jurassic period about 230 - 215 million years ago.

**See photos below**



Kit Contents:

(1) Carbon fiber/ Kevlar  body with integral legs and webbed feet

(1) Kevlar fiber head with integrated teeth

(1) Pair of carbon fiber flight arms and claws with fixed Kevlar flight skin 

(1) Instruction set

Miscellaneous small parts and accessory items for R/C gear setup (wing control cables, etc.)

Painted by Wild Skies Models -- $529.00 + S/H

Unpainted ------------------------$484.00 + S/H

Unpainted display model ---------$393.00 + S/H

 Rhamphorhynchus in History

Rhamphorhynchus is from the genus of the most often documented fossils. The name refers to the beaky mouth, which varies in size and shape.

In contrast to the Dimorphodon, there are several good fossil prints found documenting the tail of this pterosaur. The legs of this pterosaur are short and tender, and so are the claws on the wing. One striking feature of this pterosaur are the diagonal standing teeth which are to assembled individually in the mouth of our model. Documentation indicates that these pterosaurs were furry skinned.

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