Tamasha With Harsha

This roasting comedy show is very hilarious: Tamasha With Harsha

Tamasha with harsha is a syndicated program on Aha that makes you giggle and see more about the visitors on their conduct. It resembles some other syndicated program as well as it has heaps of fun components and snapshots of fun. This will be that one show which engages you till the last second. Watch Tamasha with Harsha series online on Aha. watch series online like Tamasha with harsha and have a good time.

Show Details:

HarshaChemudu the most cherished YouTuber with the assistance of group viva have nearly begun the pattern of having a profession on youtube in south India, HarshaChemudu has been the essence of the satire scene in Telugu for some time now with the world-celebrated viva video, be it images, youtube, Instagram reels, biker occasions or high paid occasions Harsha is essentially playing acceptable cards with his comic timings and witness. Harsha has thought of his own pleasant television show which includes tricks, improv shows, and a good time for all just on aha the lone Telugu content streaming application. This exciting television show is loaded with amusement with Harshachemudu and his one of a kind style of parody. He discusses his school stories and converses with visitors about their excursion to progress. HarshaChemudu welcomes the entertainers across all the stages, you will meet entertainers, know their excursion, comprehend their viewpoint on life, know their pleasant stories thus considerably more. The band in the show adds a great deal of zest to the show, the science with the band and crowd plays truly well with Harsha and his style of satire. Extraordinary music is engaging and amusing to coordinate the vibe of the show. It is exceptionally crude and engaging giving the perfect measure of zest. Various components with extraordinary inquiries are energizing and charming. Tamasha with Harsha is brimming with tamasha senseless jokes and quips are remembered for the content as far as possible. The group causes you to remain quiet and enjoy a chuckle throughout the end of the week. This 7 scene season has entertainers across all stages.

Watch Tamasha with Harsha series

Technical Aspects:

  • The special set gives an incredible vibe to the show, the artists behind are brimming with energy.
  • Harsha’s initial talks are very heart touching and engaging. Fundamentally to discuss unforgiving, he has invested every one of his amounts of energy to make this show a super hit. Superb work done by viva harsha for his own show.
  • Incredible foundation score by the live band, it’s the fundamental resource for the show. Their creative and unconstrained music all round great.
  • Crowd collaboration is engaging.

The host: extraordinary comic planning, rousing speeches, sensational engaging

The band: unique ambient sounds, extraordinary science with the host

The visitor: they kept it genuine, had a good time, a large portion of it loaded up with fun.

Extra Information:

Season: 1

Runtime: 7 Episodes 22 minutes each.

Released: 6th Nov 2020

Gener: Talk show, comedy

Watch tamasha with Harsha series online on aha. Watch series online and Talk shows like these are accessible on Aha.

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