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Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly and For Less!

Tips to sell your home fast can be found all over the Internet. One article in particular advises home-stagers to stage their homes with a “softer” approach. The key takeaways: home staging should be done “invisibly” to allow prospective buyers to picture themselves living in your house, and buyers shouldn’t be able to tell that your home isn’t as they’d like it to look. Here are a few quick tips for selling your house that you can use straight away to make sure your home is ready to move on to its next buyer!

Helpful Tips to sell your home

Professional home staging recommends using special techniques to “get into” your home in order to determine the overall value. Some experts recommend using a “spill kit” when staging a home, but you might also use some “old school” staging methods if you have time. For instance, some people open doors and windows to find out if there is any sound or movement within. Other buyers look for tell-tale signs that the home has been staged – such as a light bulb being out when it’s supposed to be on or furniture being moved around.

Dining room

staging your home for sale can include determining how your dining room is going to look. Will it be more of a formal space with a dining room table? Or will it be more of an informal space with a coffee table and chairs? Consider your family size and personality when deciding how your dining room will look. Remember to keep the eating room simple and not cluttered, so buyers will feel comfortable having meals with family and friends.

Get rid of things you don’t need.

Your home can be a goldmine of items that you don’t use any more, so consider donating these items to charity or selling them at an auction to raise money for something you do use. If you do plan on keeping some of the items around for sentimental reasons, store them in a closet or garage instead of the main living area of your home. This way, you can sell quickly and easily without worrying about maintaining the house and taking care of outdated items. Learn more about how to maximize space in your home in

Clean out closets and spare bedrooms.

Remove all clutter and cobwebs from these areas so that the selling process can be easier. Removing clutter can also help you pinpoint exactly what is wrong with the house so that you can fix it before showing it off to potential buyers. A clean, uncluttered home will show better to buyers, which may even mean a higher price.

Diluting odors

Home buyers are sensitive to pungent odors. Soak your home in vinegar or lemon juice for a day or two and let it sit. After the first day or two, see if the odors still exist. You can dilute the odor either by adding a stronger solution or by spraying the home with an air freshener to eliminate the smell.

Be proactive

No matter what type of realtor marketing system you work with, potential buyers and sellers will only buy or sell if they feel like a certain situation is a good fit for them. That means working on potential issues. With any type of real estate transaction, there are always areas of concern that buyers and sellers will both bring up. By listening to their concerns, addressing them, and working to find solutions, you become more valuable as an agent and as a person to both of these parties.

While these tips will help you get multiple buyers and sellers, you will still have to have an open house and address some problems. But if you follow this advice, you will definitely close more sales. And, if you do close the sales, you will most likely make more than the cost of having your home decorated. Good luck!

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