How You Can Combat GPS Jammers

GPS tracking with or without you knowing is becoming very common these days. Especially, business owners use GPS trackers to reap the benefits of these useful devices. Many people seem okay with getting their location tracked by satellites, however, others use devices like GPS jammers to block GPS signals and stay untracked. You can buy one for yourself at

How These Jammers Work?

The usage process of GPS jammers is very simple and straightforward. You can actually use them as plug and play devices in your vehicle. Many jammers work by plugging them in the cigarette port of your vehicle. You should place the jammer close to the GPS tracker installed in your car.

car jammer

GPS jammers can emit a GPS blocking signal in around 8 to 10 meter radius. Anything with a GPS tracker in that radius would be interrupted by the interference made by the jammer.

GPS jammer interferes with the GPS satellite signal by emitting high power low range microwave signals.

GPS trackers are used in many places, and you might get tracked without even knowing. In these scenarios, you can use a GPS jammer, that is if your area has legalized the use of GPS jammers.

Usage Scenarios of GPS Jammers

There are various different reasons to why GPS jammers are used in many places. Originally, GPS jammers were made by the military for specialized uses. Jammers are used in secret missions to security and privacy reasons. So, the legal usage scenario of a GPS jammer is when the military uses them in their operations.

In addition to the military, many civilians now also use GPS jammers. Drivers use them to prevent being tracked by their bosses, and to avoid the police from tracking them down if they’re speeding. Vehicle thieves also use GPS jammers to prevent being tracked by the police.

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